Monthly Archives: March 2012

new spring wardrobe


What girl wouldn’t want a new spring wardrobe?  And all new accessories to go with it??  I know I would…but I’m not that lucky! My 1 1/2-year-old daughter, Ava, is that lucky!  Check out her new spring clothes and the hair bows to go with them…made by moi (the bows, not the clothes).

Most of these clothes were purchased at Crazy 8’s (my fav kids store) or Bon-ton.  The bows took me about three hours to make…it’s a little time-consuming but not hard, and sooo worth it!  Since I learned how to make bows, Ava NEVER leaves the house with one (well actually two – she rocks pig tails).



wicker love seat redo


This is my sad, faded, falling apart wicker love seat on my front porch…not exactly welcoming.

The wicker had come undone on the legs…

…so, I used hot glue and sisal rope to re-wrap the legs.

A little better...

Then I spray painted the whole thing cobalt blue.

Much better!

Hopefully this bench will inspire my husband to paint the house…a dreaded job, I know, but MUCH needed!

Her she is…

It’s bright and cheery and I got the cushion and pillows from Christmas Tree Shops for only $30…what’s not to love?  By the way, just ignore the box of Thin Mints that snuck into the picture…hey, a girl’s gotta get her energy from somewhere.  Now…go spray paint something!!



In honor of spring, which has officially sprung (woo hoo), I…

(1) Spring- a – fied my lamps with Easter grass and plastic eggs.

Remember my Christmas and Valentine’s Day versions?

(2) Made Ava a flower shop.

Let me explain…last summer we bought Michael a tool bench; he used the tools but never really used the tool bench so I revamped it for his little sister.



All I did was remove the “home center” stickers and replaced them with foam glitter letters that said “Ava’s Flower Shop”.  Then I added dollar store accessories (fake flowers, a watering can, and a gardening apron).  All that’s missing is a pair of gardening gloves.  She loved it! I can’t tell you how happy I am that spring is in the air!  I have a ton of projects, big and small, planned for the next few months…stay tuned. 🙂