abc rocks


In an effort to help my 3-year-old son learn his letters, I made ABC Rocks.  Like every little boy, my son loves rocks…so these should be a hit.


Rocks – I got mine from the dollar store…you  could get them from your backyard for free 🙂

Acrylic Paint – I used 4 colors so my son could also sort these by color

Paint Brushes

Clear Enamel Spray Paint – to seal the rocks when you’re done

I had everything on hand except the rocks so this project only cost me $1.

The finished product!

I painted uppercase letters on one side and lowercase on the other.

It took a few coats, especially the yellow, but they dried quickly so there was little down time.  When you’re done, spray them with clear enamel spray paint to make them more durable.  I was thinking of making these into a busy bag but my purse already feels like I’m carrying rocks…the last thing I need is to actually carry rocks!

As always…this post is brought to you by Pintrest 🙂



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    • Hi. Everything’s good…I’ve been busy spring cleaning and doing a few projects…I’ve taken pictures but haven’t posted yet, sorry. I’ll get back to it soon, promise! It’s nice to know I’ve been missed :).

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