busy bags


Swim season is about to start for my oldest…this means excruciatingly long swim meets.  I need something to quietly entertain my little ones so…I created a few busy bags.  Basically, I just walked around my house collecting seldom used toys.  I only had two requirement: (1) that it fit in a quart sized baggie and (2) that it wasn’t too noisy.

Here are my new busy bags:

Animal Books

Dora Dominoes

Blue's Clues Felt Set

Cars, Train, and Planes

Heavy Duty Pipe Cleaners

Magnetex (minus the metal balls)

All the busy bags can fit in my diaper bag.

I also included a Cars 2 activity book that has its own colored pencils and a small baggie of crayons and paper.  I tried to include enough stuff in each bag so both kids could play with the same one…whatever one kids has, the other will want…garunteed.  I have ideas for more busy bags so when these get boring, I’ll make some new ones.

Busy bags will come in handy even if you don’t have to sit through day long swim compitions.  They’re great for keeping little ones occupied during church, long car rides, or when you’re sick.  Now, if I could just find something cuter to store them in than baggies…the search begins.


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  1. Such a great idea! I can see these coming in handy while out to eat, too. I might have to make some extras for my twin niece and nephew 🙂

    Thank you for sharing on my link party!

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