My house has been way too noisy lately!  I’m not sure if it’s spring fever or cabin fever or the beginning of an actual fever but my kids have been loud…headache-inducing loud…blood-curdeling loud.  Something had to be done.  Here are my attempts…they seem to be working…it’s too soon to tell.

Attempt at not screaming at my kids #1 (ironic I know, screaming at kids for screaming): Quiet time activities.

I found pirate printables that I made into a letter matching file folder game for Michael…can you tell I was an elementary teacher? Honestly, it was simple.  The bare minimum you need to make this is a folder, clear packing tape, scissors, and the printables (they’re free!).  I used a laminator (from my teaching days) and a paper-cutter but they really aren’t necessary.  Michael has to match the lower case letters to the uppercase letters.  The end product looks like this…

I made a few other activities like this and also found some workbooks on sale at Target of 30 cents each.

Attempt #2: a huge paper roll

Who knew paper could be so exciting just because it’s big!?!  I had read on Pintrest that some newspapers sell their leftover rolls of paper cheap so I called my local newspaper…the bad news…they don’t sell them…the good news…they give them away!!!!  For Free!!! I have enough craft paper to last for years…seriously, for YEARS.  The kids think it’s great.  We traced their bodies, colored, and made a town for Michael’s cars.

I taped 2 markers to a toilet paper roll to make the roads. Not glamorous but effective.

My house is a little quieter.  Let’s face it, it won’t be quiet for years…and then I’ll be complaining that it’s too quiet…the grass is always greener.


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