a few little projects


I’ve been pretty busy this weekend…nothing too exciting, just a few little projects.

My son’s closet was a mess…too many outgrown clothes and too many outfit changes (now that he can dress himself, he has gotten into the habit of changing his clothes multiple times a day).  It was time to do something…

BAD pictures, BAD lighting…Sorry!!!!!

Pintrest gave me this next great idea.  By the way, have I mentioned I heart pintrest….A LOT!

A mini table and chairs for the little ones… And it matches our big table and chairs!  The “table” is the bench that goes with our kitchen table and the chairs were just laying around not being used for anything in particular.  The kids love it!  It’s still a work in progress… the chairs need to be painted black and I have an idea for a little project to make this cute seating area even cuter… Stay tuned.

And finally… I have been collecting these…

One day, they will look like these…

All you need to make these beauties:<br />
Empty wine bottles<br />
White spray paint (or any color you'd like)<br />
Felt paint brush, Chalkboard paint<br />
Your favorite flowers

Or these…

chalkboard spray paint + wine bottles

Damn you Pintrest, I can’t decide. 🙂


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