fun, fun day


Hello all.  Today has been a fun day.  First Michael, my three-year-old, had soccer practice.  Too cute!  After some initial tears from Ava because she couldn’t play, we had a great time watching.  Then we stopped at Joann Fabrics…I could have gone crazy in there…seriously they have things that I didn’t even know existed…I’m still not sure what some of them are used for!  Anyway, I got a few goodies – like some garland to put in my fillable lamps.

Next up, cake pops.  I’m baking them right now so if this post seems a little choppy, it’s because I’m writing it in two-minute and 45 second snippets (that’s how long it takes for cake pops to bake).  My niece is coming over to decorate them with Kayla.  On a related note…meet my new best friend…

Ms. Squeeze Bottle.  How did I make cake pops and mini donuts without her?  I wish I could tell you where to get one but I got it her from my mom (there is nothing my mom does not have in her house, seriously…one time I mentioned that I have seen an infomercial about the Flavor-Wave and I was dying to get one … my step-dad went downstairs to the basement and brought one up for me…you cannot make this stuff up!).

Anyway…Hope you’re having a fun day as well!


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