crisis everted


I am a genius…if I do say so myself.

We just ran out of drinkable yogurt – did I mention that my kids go through drinkable yogurt like,  (well I was going to say water but the truth is they go through drinkable yogurt MUCH faster than water so…) well drinkable yogurt.  I just bought a 6 pack last night, it’s 10 am, I think that says it all.

Try explaining to a one-and-half-year-old that you’re out of yogurt when she just saw you buy it yesterday…she was having none of it.  I could see it in her eyes…a fit was coming.  So genius that I am, I took the empty drinkable yogurt container from her and said, “Ok, I’ll go get you more.”

I walked casually out of the room until I was out of her eye sight and then sprinted to the kitchen, whipped out my magic bullet, milk, and regular yogurt and made….DRINKABLE YOGURT!!!!  Yay me, crisis everted.  I poured the concoction into the empty container and my toddler was none the wiser.  Maybe I shouldn’t feel so proud of myself for tricking a toddler – but I do :).

Hopefully this trick will work on my 3-year-old as well because danimals are expensive!

The much loved drinkable yogurt.

My version-did I mention I'm a genius?


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  1. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And probably cheaper too…you should buy big tubs of yogurt and make your own drinkable yogurt all the time. It’ll save money and maybe last a bit longer 😉

    • Thanks…that is my plan but knowing my kids they’ll stop drinking it once they realize it’s not the “real thing”. I’ll ride this wave as long as they let me 🙂 Thanks for commenting…it’s nice to know someone’s actually reading this! 🙂

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