crazy exhausted!


I am crazy exhausted!!!  Things started out so innocently…I was just going to clean out one cabinet.  Somehow that lead to completely emptying, vacuuming, cleaning, and organizing EVERY cabinet in my kitchen.  I feel like I’m eighty years old…my feet hurt, I have a headache and a backache, and did I mention, I’m exhausted!  I tried to take some before and after pictures of the first cabinet but the lighting is horrible, sorry.


It’s hard to tell, but this cabinet goes about 2 1/2 feet deep (to the right, not straight back).  There was a lot of stuff in there!

It’s big! Michael could lay down in there!
All of this was in there!
And this!

Here’s the finished product…the picture doesn’t do it justice 🙂 !

Now I’m going to bed…It’s only 7:30 but I’m going to bed.

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