Ok, so I didn’t post yesterday but it’s not my fault (I sound like my 11-year-old).  We are switching internet providers and, long story short, we didn’t have internet last night.  Anyway, on to more important things…I have been on an internet-shopping-spree lately (nothing new 🙂 ).  I’m VERY excited about my finds…

I have been wanting one of these for months!  The conair infiniti spin air brush costs about $70…way more than I want to spend.  Today I found it on Target for $27.99!!!  After shipping, tax, and my coupon code (you know I try not to buy anything without a coupon 🙂 ), I paid only $27.66! Yay!!!!!  I’ll let you know how well it works.

My second exciting find…

Yes, it’s a guitar cookie cutter…let me explain.  My son and youngest daughter’s birthdays are only 5 days apart so… they have a joint birthday party but since they have to share I’m trying to make it extra special.  I’m not going to give away all the party secrets today (stay tuned) but I will tell you that I need 24 party favors, minimum.  That could get very expensive!  I was looking for frugal and fun party favors online and I came across a great idea…homemade playdough+cute packaging+cookie cutter=adorable favors!  Guitars go with the party’s theme but buying 24 at $1.50 a piece (average online price) is too much.  I found a lady selling a case of 12 brand new guitar cookie cutter for $3.33.  I bought two cases.  Thank you ebay!


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