legos & treats & bears, oh my!


First up…legos.  There’s nothing like starting your morning off with legos (I’m only partly kidding :), the truth is I love them as much as my son does – maybe more).  We built a zoo – in case you couldn’t tell.

Taken By Michael 🙂

Next up…treats.  I made Crisy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – YUMMY!!!  These were super easy and I even had all the ingredients already in my house (bonus!).  I cut the recipe in half (which the perfect amount for 12 mini cups) because I WILL eat however many I make…no question!  I found the recipe at  FYI, I had to freeze mine for about an hour in order to get them out of the pan – just a tip.

Yes, there were 12. Yes, I already ate 2. Don't judge me.

Finally…bears.  Well, to be accurate it’s only one bear.  Because Michael was the “special helper” today at preschool, he got to bring home Bingo Bear.  This is a BIG deal!  We plan on taking Michael and Bingo out for ice cream this weekend to celebrate Bingo’s visit and Michael staying in bed 5 nights in a row (WOOHOO, I’ve been getting my nine hours 🙂 ).

Today has been a busy day and it’s not over yet…I’m leaving for the gym as soon as my husband gets home…resoultions? – so far, so good…and no my babies cannot read…yet :D.


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