funny, funny boy


Michael is smart.  Michael is athletic.  Michael is kind.  But, most of all, Michael is funny!

Quote #1: Daddy: “Make sure you stay in bed tonight, Michael.”   Michael: “I stayed in bed two times.”   Daddy: “I know, but you have to stay in bed every night.”   Michael: “Oh ok, so that’s what you’re lookin for.” (This was said while he slowly shook his head…hilarious!)

Quote #2 needs a little back story…About half an hour after Michael went to bed last night he yelled from his bedroom that he had thrown up.  I went in, expecting to find a large amount of vomit (my past experiences tell me that vomit only comes in large amounts – my life is so sad) instead I found a little on his shoulder and a little on his pillow – that’s it.  I cleaned him up, he went back to bed and slept all night.  Today he was fine – he ate and played normally.  When Michael heard me talking on the phone about how weird that was, he said…

Michael: “Well, I did stick my finger down my throat.”   Me: “Why”   Michael: “It itched…maybe there was a huge guy down there.”

WHAT?????  Hilarious!!!

On a side note, This is what I saw when I walked by what’s left of our donuts and cake pops…who do you think is responsible?


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