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coupon chaos


This is what happens when you haven’t clipped coupons in 6 weeks…

It took me all morning to get my coupons organized and make my grocery list.  To anyone who doesn’t use coupons, this sounds ridiculous; to anyone who does use coupons, this sounds familiar.  I am not going to devote this blog to couponing…there’s already so many great ones out there.  But, in case you’re interested, here’s my coupon organizing method.  This is where I keep all non-food coupons…

And this is for food coupons…

Now, you may ask yourself why I spend so much time doing this…This is why…

I got all of this food (which includes 6 pounds of chicken breast, a cake from the bakery department, 4 Pepsi’s, lactose free milk, and so much more) for $57.  I went to three different stores.  At the first store my total before coupons was $47, after coupons I paid $11.25.  That is why I do it. 🙂

If you’re interested in couponing my 3 favorite sites are…

Happy couponing!


fun, fun day


Hello all.  Today has been a fun day.  First Michael, my three-year-old, had soccer practice.  Too cute!  After some initial tears from Ava because she couldn’t play, we had a great time watching.  Then we stopped at Joann Fabrics…I could have gone crazy in there…seriously they have things that I didn’t even know existed…I’m still not sure what some of them are used for!  Anyway, I got a few goodies – like some garland to put in my fillable lamps.

Next up, cake pops.  I’m baking them right now so if this post seems a little choppy, it’s because I’m writing it in two-minute and 45 second snippets (that’s how long it takes for cake pops to bake).  My niece is coming over to decorate them with Kayla.  On a related note…meet my new best friend…

Ms. Squeeze Bottle.  How did I make cake pops and mini donuts without her?  I wish I could tell you where to get one but I got it her from my mom (there is nothing my mom does not have in her house, seriously…one time I mentioned that I have seen an infomercial about the Flavor-Wave and I was dying to get one … my step-dad went downstairs to the basement and brought one up for me…you cannot make this stuff up!).

Anyway…Hope you’re having a fun day as well!

crisis everted


I am a genius…if I do say so myself.

We just ran out of drinkable yogurt – did I mention that my kids go through drinkable yogurt like,  (well I was going to say water but the truth is they go through drinkable yogurt MUCH faster than water so…) well drinkable yogurt.  I just bought a 6 pack last night, it’s 10 am, I think that says it all.

Try explaining to a one-and-half-year-old that you’re out of yogurt when she just saw you buy it yesterday…she was having none of it.  I could see it in her eyes…a fit was coming.  So genius that I am, I took the empty drinkable yogurt container from her and said, “Ok, I’ll go get you more.”

I walked casually out of the room until I was out of her eye sight and then sprinted to the kitchen, whipped out my magic bullet, milk, and regular yogurt and made….DRINKABLE YOGURT!!!!  Yay me, crisis everted.  I poured the concoction into the empty container and my toddler was none the wiser.  Maybe I shouldn’t feel so proud of myself for tricking a toddler – but I do :).

Hopefully this trick will work on my 3-year-old as well because danimals are expensive!

The much loved drinkable yogurt.

My version-did I mention I'm a genius?

craft crazy


We went craft crazy this weekend!  I recieved all my ribbon on Saturday and we got to work making bows.  I have some pictures for you but you can find great tutorials on how to make all kinds of bows at (this is the same site I ordered the ribbon through).

First up we made korker bows…

Wrap ribbon around pencils and bake.

We made one for Valentine's Day.

A big one for Kayla.

Then ponies…

Then we needed a place to store all our new beautiful bows…

The directions for this can be found at .

kiwi crate


Last month i started a 3 month subscription to kiwi crate.  It is awesome.  Basically, a box filed with EVERYTHING you need to make two or three projects with your little one (the crates are geared toward 3-7 year olds but my 1 1/2-year-old and 11-year-old also like it)  arrives on your doorstep every month.  Last month’s theme was space…Michael loved it.  This month…Under the Sea!

This what the box looks like…addressed to your little one 🙂

The fishing game project…

Ass you can see Kayla was enthralled.

The ocean experiment…
Did you know that soap would float in salt water and sink in fresh water?…Because I didn’t, and I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person 🙂 .
The kids had a blast. 
Then we took the plastic cups, balls, and soap into the bath tub to have more fun.

here’s what


Here’s what three things I’m obsessed with this week (If you know Andy Cohen, you know I totally stole this from him)…

1. Meet the Dubiens.  A new contender for my favorite blog.  Check out the section on bento boxes…which leads me to my second obsession of the week…

2. Bento boxes.  If you checked out the above blog, you totally understand.  I ordered a few must haves from (have I mentioned my online shopping addiction?).  Once they arrive, I’ll post a few pics of my totally awesome lunches.

3. Making hair bows.  Long story, but I was able to buy all the supplies I’ll need to make 40 hair bows for my 20-month-old daughter for $3!!!!  The hair bows pictured below are from Crazy 8’s, they’re $5 and totally adorable.  Now you see why I want to make 40 of them, right? 🙂

Curly Barrette 2-Pack

baking & scrapbooking


Kayla had a friend over this weekend.  They decided to make cookie cupcakes…they turned out to be surprising delicious.

Next up…scrapbooking.  Kayla has to make a scrapbook about Spain for a school project.  She’ll need a page for each letter of the alphabet.  Not as much fun as it sounds…4 letters down, 22 to go.