Monthly Archives: December 2011

two things…


1.My three-year-old has developed a new habit.  He gets out of bed at night :(.  Sometimes it’s as soon as we put him to bed, sometimes it’s in the middle of the night, sometimes it’s both.  Now it’s not as bad as it sounds because he does go right back to bed (we just have to tuck him in again) but it’s annoying!  I’m a person who requires a good 9 hours of sleep a night and he is interfering!  I’ve made a reward chart, I’ve threatened, nothing is working – HELP!  Any suggestions?

2. On a lighter note…look at my adorable lamps (if I do say so myself)!  I got the lamps at Target (they’re fillable but also look great empty) and the ornaments at CVS after Christmas.


mini donuts


My oldest is home from school this week – so what can we do to avoid the inevitable “I’m bored”?  Mini donuts, that’s what!

Everyone has to help!

And I mean everyone!!

This is our new mini donut maker.

Decorating was easy but VERY messy!

The finished product…Too cute to eat…Literally… I haven’t tried one because I don’t want to mess up the beautiful tray.  The kids, on the other hand, ate continuously during decorating.

So that took up much of our morning.  And much of my afternoon was spent cleaning up the mess.  What did you do this week to keep your kids busy?

Hello world!


Ok, here is my mission statement of sorts…This blog will be about my everyday life…I will post about my kids (a lot since I’m a stay at home mom), great deals (yes, I coupon and no, I don’t have a $20,000 stockpile that takes up an entire floor of my house although, to be honest, a small part of me wishes I did), and anything else I feel just MUST be shared with the rest of the world.  My hope for this blog is two-fold.

1.That it journals all the big and small milestones of my family, that one day my kids will be able to look back and see all the fun we’ve had and all the headaches they caused. And….

2. That it gives me a community of girlfriends to laugh with and share with so I’m able to come out the other side of this time in my life in one piece.

Here we go…